Meta Monday 1/10/2022

Brad Chester and Matt Morosoli are here to discuss the meta! We have new events firing off again after the New Years, and new rules…

Meta Monday: 1/3/2022

Brad and Adam sit down to discuss the meta as we kick off a new year, one month before Las Vegas!

Meta Monday 12/13/2021

What a weekend! Matt Morosoli and the Archon Skari are here to break down the meta after a busy event schedule!

Meta Monday 12/6/21

What a weekend! Matt and Skari are here to break down the results from this weekend, from Leicester to the GW Open finals!

Meta Monday 11/29/2021

Brad and Skari are here to break down the last week in the meta! Find out what tournament results have been popping up, and what…

Meta Monday 11/23/21

Meta Monday… on a Tuesday? Join Brad and Matt Morosoli as they break down the results from the weekend, including the GW Austin event!

Meta Monday 11/15/21

What a week! The Games Workshop balance patch has flipped the game on its head, and the Art of War coaches are here to talk…

Meta Monday 11/8/21

Ready to catch up on a weekend chock full of events? Get all of the coverage right here with Brad and Matt!

Meta Monday 11/1/21

Brad Chester and Adam Camilleri sit down to discuss the meta and events from the past week!

Meta Monday 10/25/21

Ready for the full breakdown of the meta? Brad and Matt sit down together to recap a busy weekend around the world! Brad is fresh…