Necrons Clinic

Richard Siegler is here to deliver Szarekh’s will to the lesser races, and to talk about how to play Necrons!

Genestealer Cults vs Necrons Stream Game

Nick Nanavati is back with the Genestealer Cults against Richard’s Necrons! It’s Kelermorph vs Glocktopus in this long-awaited duel of gunslinging characters!

Drukhari vs Necrons Coaching Match

Nick is back with a fresh take on Drukhari, ready to combat the resurgent Necrons! These two 9th edition codexes were once on opposite ends…

Necron Clinic 1/27/2022

The Undying Legions of the Necrons are rising again! Richard Siegler breaks down the most improved army from the recent points update, and how competitive…

Necron TOP UNIT Tier List!

Ready to find out how the new points changed Necrons for the better? Join Richard to discuss the best units in the Necron codex!

Apocalypse Mega Battle!

It’s time for the Apocalypse Mega Battle! The Art of War kicks off the year with our largest game ever, with 18,000 points of Warhammer…