We are live in the War Room with: Hangout and Hobby 11/29/2021

Ork Clinic 8/3/21

Mark and Nick are going live to talk about all things Orky, and how best to krump ‘Oomies!

Orks vs Sisters War Room Match

The Art of War house kicks off an in-house RTT with Brad Chester’s Orks taking on John’s Sisters of Battle! There’s bragging rights on the…

NEW Orks vs Tau Empire Stream Game

Ready to see the new Orks Waaaaagh into action? Brad Chester is running the ladz against Richard’s tried and tested Farsight Enclaves at 1pm EST!

NEW Ork Codex review!

Want to get some thoughts on the new Ork Codex? Brad Chester and Nick Nanavati are going live at 1pm EST to talk about the…