AOWdu Episode 19: Forgeworld Review

November 24, 2020

Adam reels in two of his favourite humans, Val Hefflefinger and Peter ‘The Falcon’ Colosimo to casually look though and review (parts of) the recently released Forgeworld Imperial Armour Compendium.


AOWdu Episode 18: Space Wolves Codex Review

November 17, 2020

Adam and the lovely Aron Green dissect the Space Wolves codex from cover to cover, it’s an interesting release that needs a few goes over to really sink in, but jeez there is some power, if it’s not all that hard to find.


AOWdu Episode 16: Necron Codex Review Part 2

November 3, 2020

Adam is once again joined by Michael Timpe and Danny McDevitt finish this traipse through the realms of the metal men and complete their review of the Necron Codex, it’s another long one but well worth the work.


AOWdu Episode 15: Necron Codex Review Part 1

October 27, 2020

Hello you wonderful people, Adam, Danny McDevit and Michael Timpe recorded a Mamoth episode deep diving the first half of the new Necron codex, there is a lot more here than meets the eye and the metal men have a whole new lease on life.