We are live in the War Room with: War Room Social 9/22/21

NEW Orks vs Tau Empire Stream Game

Ready to see the new Orks Waaaaagh into action? Brad Chester is running the ladz against Richard’s tried and tested Farsight Enclaves at 1pm EST!

Tau Clinic 6/29/21

Who better than Richard Siegler to talk about what makes the Tau faction tick? Richard and Brad discuss all of the secrets of the Enclaves…

T’au vs Drukhari Coaching Match

The Art of War is bringing you another exciting stream with this Atlantic City Open rematch! Nick is adapting the new, post-FAQ drukhari and facing…

Tau Clinic 5/10

Join Richard Siegler and Brad Chester as they talk about competitive innovations in Tau, and our new Remora overlords!

Tau vs Tyranids Stream Match

We have a n exciting match for you today! Join us at 1pm EST as Richard Siegler’s latest meta-busting Tau list takes the table against…

Coaching Match 04/15/21

Join us for this weeks Thursday Coaching Match as Nick Nanavati wih Harlequins takes on Richard Siegler with T'au.