Nikhil Sinha

After LVO 2018, I was honestly quite disillusioned with Chaos and was ready to sell my army and start over.

I ended up seeing Nick launch his service and decided to do a call and do some brainstorming. It was some of the most illuminating conversations I’ve had about 40k list building. I honestly felt excited about my army again after we were done. Nick is very honest and open, giving me insight into even his personal lists. It truly feels like he wants to help you, as opposed to just being there to take your money.

Since then I’ve had a list review done via email as well through Nick, and it was very insightful. I’m also a part of the The War Room private page which is worth the price of admission and has a much more civil and productive atmosphere for discussions about competitive 40k and list building than the cesspools that are public 40k facebook pages.

Recently I had a chance to get my list reviewed by Matt Root, who is another member of the team as well. Matt is one of the most successful and respected 40k players out there and one of the only people whose advice people would (or should) trust equally as much as Nick’s.

Matt gave me a very well structured and detailed breakdown of the options I could explore with my list and how I could counter specific concerns I had in certain matchups. I felt like he went above and beyond to ensure I was putting my best foot forward with my list. An incredible addition to the Art of War Team.

People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars collecting models, painting, traveling to tournaments and staying in hotels for tournaments across the country. If you are an avid competitive 40k player who wants to improve, there really is no better value for your money.

Nikhil Sinha