We are live in the War Room with: Tyranids vs Craftworlds Coaching Match!

Zach Point

Art of War and the War Room offers the two things anyone looking to improve and immerse themselves in 40k needs: coaching at the highest level of play and a supportive community committed to working together to elevate each other. The combination of an active community ready to engage with you in your growth goals and a wealth of accessible player knowledge from some of our game’s top competitors is a rare combination.

I’ve found the War Room exceptionally valuable in pursuing my goals. As someone who started my competitive 40k journey relatively recently (and who only now is emerging from my Rocky-style training montage), I feel especially qualified to give two thumbs up for the War Room as an accessible platform that breaks down the game’s harder concepts and gives you a unique platform to ask questions and receive feedback. If you enjoy the competitive community and growing your own skills I think the War Room is a no-brainer.

Zachariah Point