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Trade in Program https://warpfireminis.com/trade-in-program/  

Here at Warpfire Minis we’re offering 50% of retail value for people’s used miniatures and sometimes more if they’re painted well. We really give people the maximum that we can, have a fast turnaround time, and a really simple process; just e-mail us a list of what you have to warpfireminis@gmail.com and we’ll reply with a quote!

1. Almost every Warhammer player has models they haven’t used in ages or a backlog of models they’ll never get to; trade them in for something new!

2. It’s always fun to try new things and different play styles so trading in an old army for a new one is a great way to save money.

3. In the competitive scene you’ll need to make changes to your armies to keep up with the current tournament meta; the trade in program’s great for trading in under-performing units or armies for different, better, better, or just newer ones.

Used Minis https://warpfireminis.com/

Warhammer is an expensive hobby, especially for people who are just getting started, so buying used minis from us is a great way for people to get in the game and save a little money while they’re at it. We typically sell used minis on our site for 40%-60% off retail value and upload new things on a weekly basis!


Bigbear3d is the home of high quality modular terrain, designed to accommodate both the competitive and aesthetic goals of any tabletop wargame. Each Champion’s Table is designed around one of the major competitive mission sets allowing you to practice for the big events at home or in your local gaming store! Check out the Champion’s Tables created by Art of War’s Nick Nanavati and Richard Siegler.

TableWar is one of the leading companies in creating high quality, durable gaming mats of all different sizes and for many different games. As long-time customers and users of their famous TableWar FAT Mats, GEO Mats, and MacroMats, we highly recommend their products whether for a personal home setup, a local gaming shop, or running a tournament. To that end, TableWar is offering our supporters and viewers an exclusive coupon for 10% off (coupon code: ArtofWarMay2020) of any mats.

On top of that, if you are a repeat customer and part of the TableWar loyalty program you will receive an additional 10% off for a total of 20% off!

The coupon code lasts until May 31st

3d6 Wargaming designs and produces products to assist your tabletop gaming experience. Why? Because it’s awesome.

Frontline Gaming…

is a Tabletop Gaming brick and mortar store, online retailer, manufacturer of gaming products, event organizer, community leaders and also run a pretty cool paint studio, too.